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Remove startup programs from the registry

Remove Startup Programs From The Registry

Removing startup programs from the Windows registry Some programs when installed add entries to the Windows registry to run files when Windows starts up. Some times some of these files are absolutely unnecessary and degrade system performance. Other times, viruses and/or malware will use these startup points in the registry to run files related to the virus or malware without your knowing. Backing up the registry When add/removing Read More →


Can’t Open Regedit

Can’t Open Regedit.exe? If you cannot open the registry editor (regedit.exe), your computer may be infected by a virus or malware. Some viruses and malware block access to the registry and to Task Manager to stop the average to moderate user from stopping or removing the infection. If your antivirus did not prevent the infection or you do not have antivirus protection installed, you will Read More →

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