HostMantis Review

My HostMantis Review

I’ve used HostMantis a long time now and felt the need to let others know about my experience.

I started hosting this site with them about 6 years ago after using MANY other hosts and must say, I’ve been with them this long for a good reason… they are the absolute best you will find for the price.

Other hosting I’ve tried over the years offer sub par servers, support and pricing was always well above what HostMantis offers. HostMantis is typically 1/2 the cost of most of the other “popular” hosts out there. Truth is though, a large majority of the “popular” hosts are all owned by Endurance International, so they are all in truth, the same company.

Let’s go over some pros and cons of HostMantis:


1) Price – You’d be hard pressed to find a host at this price point in business this long and this reliable

2) Support – The support team is always quick and efficient, unlike the support I’ve dealt with from other hosts

3) Features – The features are right on par with more expensive hosts


1) None – I thought long and hard of any negatives using HostMantis and I honestly could not think of one

Being with HostMantis as long as I have, I’ve been front and center for their growing pains and they have always handled them well.

Like any host, they do have downtime (not often, but it does happen), but they are always transparent about any issues and always take care of them quickly.

In closing, I would recommend HostMantis to anyone that needs a reliable web host and can’t afford to break the bank to do so!

Check them out!